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Delfts Blue Tile

Dutch Deli

We have a well stocked delicatessan section specializing in Dutch foods including the following favourites:

Speculaas of several varieties
Dutch liquorice in all shapes and sizes
Chocolate hail & flakes in many varieties
Dutch cake

At present, these items are not available for online shopping but we are happy to provide a mail order service.
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Giftware includes a range of Delfts Blue tiles and ornaments, cheese boards, glassware, cookware and a whole lot more.


Delftware, or Delft pottery, is traditionally made in the Netherlands around the town of Delft. Delftware is part of the tin glaze style of pottery, in which tin-based white glazes is first applied, then metal oxide decoration and finally a lead-based clear glaze overcoat to make the surface glossy.

Delftware includes pottery objects of all descriptions such as plates, ornaments, banks, but has become well known throughout for its tiles.

Early Delftware depicted Chinese scenery, but soon potters were including native Dutch scenes such as windmills and fishing boats.

English Delftware was originally called "galleyware", but was renamed in the 1700s because of the popularity of Dutch products.

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