The Fikso Insect Screen or Fly Screen are made up of six panels and are designed to hang in both external and interior dooways.
Fly Screen fits doorways up to 95cm wide, 220cm high.
Available in a choice of colours - Dark grey, Burgundy Red, Navy Blue or Vanilla (light Beige).
These Insect screens are a quality product imported from Fikszo in Holland -
Flyscreen is hands-free walk through.
Suitable for homes and commercial premises - cafes, restaurant, food outlets, etc.
Panels are made from a tough, polymer-coated fibreglass mesh.
Once installed, the insect screens can be easily clipped off when not required
If you are interested in purchasing more than one screen, please contact us to discuss pricing.
This product is unavailable or out of stock.

This product is unavailable or out of stock.
We are the sole importers and agents for the Fikszo range of flyscreens. This encompasses several different product types including screen doors, roller doors, roller windows and insect curtains. These items are not currently in stock - please contact us for further details.